Got any ideas?

2013-04-12 15:49:50 by BucketofDemons

I am currently working on an animation but I was also wondering if anyone has any original ideas they wont mind sharing? Would appreciate feedback if anyone is actually bothered to look at my profile, or even see this post.


2013-03-29 04:18:20 by BucketofDemons

Cant seem to upload anything at the moment cause NG wont let me take any crop shots of m art work :(
I was barely able to change my profile pic. Anyone know whats going on?


2012-04-15 11:03:41 by BucketofDemons

Hey everyone! My name is Damon and I hope to entertain you! I'll try making as many videos and art work I have time for as my calendar is usually very full :(

*Cricket*... *Cricket*... Oh yeah I am not famous :(