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Awesome as usual! Loved the voice especially I couldnt tell what sounds you got from the game from the voices you made yourself! Keep up the amazing work!

This is stupid as shit. I love it. Nice S4zie yooooooooo btw.

I like it, though, no offense, I do prefer your animations.

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I can see some real potential for this game, but it is quite boring. All you really need to do is give it some variables (eg. A money system for upgrades such as bombs to go further, or certain horses make you go slower, as well as a power meter to show how fast the horse is going depending on how hard you press the spacebar.). The other thing you may need to work on is the art in some places such as the legs in the running animation but don't get me wrong the art style suites the music perfectly so do not change it. Oh and one more thing put boxes around the text so we can read it. 3.5 STARS because you could have added a little more fun in it but it just isn't there :(

P.S. I have many more ideas to make the appearance and gamplay of the game better so if you want me to tell you the rest of them just message me :D

P.S.S. If you work on this game more I am sure it will up there in the top games along with "Toss The Turtle" and others.

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robbe responds:

I'm not intending to reach the top. I just developed this for fun and... games.
Plus done in less then a day, so I think I achieved quite a lot.


My score 4350 I did it without losing a single life or cheating well until level 98 but the way you cheat is to bend your screen back so it darkens and makes quite a distinct sharp gradient between the two colours. but the game was very entertaining until more or less level 68 but you get a 5 star rating

Extremely fun game no down side what so ever except for that there is no pause button and the controls (in speaking for myself here) seem to be a bit jumbled maybe order them together a bit to make them easier but I did get used to them eventually. but overall very good game 5 stars

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Very interesting! Love the variation from the original especially since you can still kinda tell it is a Legend of Zelda.

Hey man do you mind if I use this? I find it very interesting, like its dark and alive at the same time...
P.S. I will defiantly source you, let me know what you think :)

ApprenticeBlacksmith responds:

Go ahead! I am glad you find it intresting track ^^

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Very nice! Although I am not sure Minecraft is consdered an indie game anymore. I still think it is awesome and I am glad we get to see other work than the Larry Saga out of you!

hbrunav responds:

Thanks :D. I consider every one of this games Indie as they started indie. Good for them if they had success and become published right?

I like this a lot! I'm not sure what the two below me are saying about the hand/thumb, I think the hand looks fine to be honest, maybe the thumb is a bit to "fat" but not enough to notice. The only thing is I am not sure whether that is a man or a women, but that has no effect on the quality of painting! A well earned 5 STARS in my opinion!

Hey man I thought it might be nice to post this here :3 but I was wondering after I finish the animation and you think its "cool" enough, could I help you with future projects? Really cool logo though you really have your shit together.

RedFiction responds:

Haha, well I'm glad you like it, thank you. Sorry though, I'm going to have to say no for now on the offer, other than basically voice work in the future, we aren't really looking for much help. For now, RedFiction is sort of a two man team, outside of that we're staying mostly local, getting our friends involved for voice work and other such things. But if we do branch out in the future and start taking in help over the internet we'll let everyone know. :)
Other than that though, we're happy to lend assistance to the community if you or anyone else ever needs future help, but this early in the game, we just don't have the need for more than what we have. Certainly thanks for the offer though, and good luck with your animation, still looking forward to helping with that. Catch you around Bucket.

I am a unique person.. just like everyone else. I love animating but finding it hard to get the right art style and how to get it into Flash CS5 without difficulty, but whoever said it was going to be easy! Open to and looking for any willing voice actors

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